Best-in-Class benefit plans provide high level benefit education to employees and plan members throughout the year as well as throughout their employment.  With The Lifecycle suite of products we fill in the gaps, providing you with best-in-class communications from recruitment to retirement.

Benterest is an inter-active social media website that not only provides engaging benefit educational resources, but also the ability to interact with them.  Modelled after popular social media websites, Benterest will draw in your plan members with its simple, yet alluring and familiar interface and will keep them there with entertaining and engaging content that is continually changing.

BenTUBE is our growing collection of benefit educational videos and interactive tools, each designed, produced and distributed exclusively by Navigate Communications and our partners.  BenTUBE productions cover a wide range of benefit categories, each helping employees and plan members better understand their benefits with topics ranging from Health Savings Accounts to Group Term Life Insurance.

A lot of benefit information is thrown at newly hired employees and it can be an overwhelming way to start a new job, with the OnBoardTM suite of benefit communications, you will start your new employees off right by presenting company benefits in a professional and engaging manner as well by providing the tools and resources they need to make benefit decisions.

Lay-offs and retirements are a difficult time period for employees and their families... dealing with difficult benefit decisions only adds to the stress and anxiety they are already experiencing.  With the Transitionstm suite of benefit communications, you can help laid-off employees and retirees make the benefit side of this life-event less stressful.





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